Fire Fighting

Falck Fire Services

Falck Fire Services DE GmbH belongs to the Danish Falck Group and is one of the world's leading providers of industrial fire fighting services. The company makes its decades of experience available to the WINDEAcare Group and complements its range of services for maritime fire fighting.

Maritime fire fighting is characterised by many special features, which is why specialists and special equipment are absolutely necessary. For example, long distances to the mainland often have to be covered and complex technical conditions require special extinguishing procedures. Falck Fire Services offers an extensive portfolio for this demanding environment.


  • Fire protection concepts
  • Education and training in terms of fire protection
  • Implementation of fire protection exercises
  • Maintenance and monitoring of fire protection systems
  • Review of occupational health and safety measures in the area of fire protection
  • Vessel and container fire fighting
  • Fire fighting on platforms
  • Helicopter fire fighting
  • Assistance in the event of disasters
  • Offshore rescue from heights

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