The emergency medical dispatch & support center, operated by well-known German emergency services provider Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, works closely with wind farm operations centers. Standard operating procedures are followed to ensure continuous information updates from the wind farm to the emergency medical dispatch & support center. Together with the information provided during the emergency call, the team obtains a complete overview of the situation.

Similarly, the necessary procedures to interact with the authorities (CCME, MRCC, etc.) are coordinated. The support center can thus quickly and reliably integrate state rescue teams into the emergency response by working in close coordination with their management teams. The same applies to networking with the medical services of other wind farms.

The support center remains in constant contact with the helicopter crew and integrates them into all communication with the rescue site as they make their way there. Hence, they receive the latest updates about the patient and the situation on the ground and are optimally prepared for action.

While other support centers only provide emergency services coordination and management, the WINDEAcare concept also offers comprehensive medical expertise to ensure that all of the medical needs of an offshore wind farm can be covered under one roof.


  • on stand-by 24/7. 365 days a year
  • around-the-clock paramedics and direct connection to nautical contral centre MRCC
  • deployment stations with full authority to make decisions
  • critical information & dispatch system for deployment and information processing
  • maritime and aviation-related weather information
  • HEMS air-tracking system, providing real-time updates on status and location of available air rescue
  • AIS marine traffic system
  • BOS radio connection (tactical radio connection for authorities and security agencies)
  • connection to marine radio
  • 3-fold primary multiplex with 32 lines from two separate local networks
  • short- and long-term audio documentation across all communication channels
  • triple-secured database on independent servers
  • internal and external communication on the base of a BOS control center (BOS = authorities and security agencies)
  • emergency power supply via UPS buffers and diesel generator with automatic switchover


When there are unusual events such as the illness of several persons, fires, shipwrecks, the emergency support center becomes an operations center to coordinate the various responders with active involvement of the wind farm’s HSE team so that the situation and its response can be taken quickly under control. If additional resources are needed, the operations center sends out for additional assistance.

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