Rescue by Northern HeliCopter

Dramatical moments in the mud flat: Twice the team had to rescue vacationers from difficult situations.

Due to a knee injury, one person wasn’t able to walk through the mud by herself and needed help to get back to the safe beach. The rescue team ordered a stretcher and had to pull the person to the beach 400 meters away.

Just as this mission was over, another call came in: A middle-aged woman was stuck in the mud flat already for an hour, her husband and daughter were with her, but not able to help. This time, the beach was more than 500 meters away and the rescue team couldn’t reach her because of the mud and the beginning flood. The situation became more and more dangerous for everyone and the time was running out. Nevertheless, the team managed to put the woman on the stretcher and another team assisted their colleagues to pull the stretcher on a firm ground.

At this moment, it was quite clear for everyone that the team needed help from Northern HeliCopter which is stationed for emergencies in St. Peter-Ording. Thanks to this, the woman was taken to the hospital and her family back to the beach.

On top of everything, a rescuer got sick and was also taken to the hospital but he and the woman could go home in the evening.

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