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Paramedic on site

To provide wind farm employees with a sense of security and wellbeing, they must be able to access medical advice at all times. In addition,it must be possible to react quickly in an emergency. These tasks are taken over by the emergency paramedic - as contact person for family medicine, basic health care or emergency care. At any time he can obtain the advice of an emergency physician by telemedicine consultation, so that he can carry out necessary therapies especially in life-threatening emergencies until the arrival of the rescue helicopter, even those that are reserved for a doctor, e.g. the supply of highly potent painkillers. He is also integrated into the wind farm's operations and can take on additional tasks. Emergency paramedics are provided by Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe.

Medical Equipment

In addition to the experienced personnel in the field of offshore wind, the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe offers medical and technical equipment for sale or on loans. The annual maintenance and inspection of the material and equipment, as well as the addition and replacement of the contents is offered. The following range of services is available as an established standard, whereby the scope can be flexibly adapted to the respective customer requirements:

  • Equipment of the Offshore Paramedic with more than 3,000 individual parts & more than 100 different medicines, as well as immobilization equipment, aids for the ambulant therapy, electrical devices and oxygen backpack
  • Emergency backpack for first-aiders offshore in a modular packing concept
  • Various automatic defibrillators
  • stretchers
  • Adaptation of existing emergency backpacks for first-aiders offshore
  • Medication package in consultation with the company physician; sometimes also procurement
  • Material concept for MIC (mass casualty incident)
  • Equipment for the rescue from Confined Space

Psychosocial Care (PSNV)

JUH is the official PSNV service provider (psychosocial care) for onshore ambulance services. Building on this experience, JUH has trained and qualified the first offshore PSNV team and also provides comprehensive support offshore. Thus, employees, external service teams and project managers working offshore get the possibility that they immediately receive professional help, even during the stressful situation in order to act in a professional manner. After the situation is over, the employees can receive help in processing the experiences.

In addition, preventive stress management training and specially tailored concepts are organised together with the customer.

Hygiene Monitoring

The paramedic can also monitor the hygiene status of pre-defined work areas of offshore wind farms. This includes fresh water and food inspections as well as the general state of cleanliness.

Additional Duties

If necessary, the paramedic may perform other related functions on the wind farm, unless they hamper their ability to provide 24/7 emergency care.

According to a pre-agreed training plan, the paramedic will conduct skill and drill training sessions with the staff of the wind farm and lead necessary refresher training for offshore emergency responders.

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