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Comprehensive Medical care

This is what makes the holistic WINDEAcare health care concept for offshore wind farms unique:

Unique Features

  • dedicated rescue helicopter with advanced medical equipment
  • full-time rescue helicopter crew
  • 24/7 helicopter site in St. Peter-Ording for the North Seas & in Güttin on the Island Rugia for the Baltic Sea, thus to ensure short flight times to wind farms
  • helicopter site in Emden, which can be used additionally at customer's request or e.g. in case of special hazards
  • offshore emergency medical dispatch & support centre, permanently staffed with paramedics and direct connection to nautical contral centre
  • paramedics and emergency physicians are trained in rescue from heights
  • paramedics are trained in rescue from water and confined space
  • medical supervision by a teaching hospital to ensure expertise in emergency medicine and continuous development of treatment procedures
  • in the event that the helicopter cannot fly due to poor weather conditions, an alternative medical evacuation by ship can be planned in advance for each wind farm. Suitable vessels for patient transport will be prepared accordingly
  • experienced offshore paramedics (Notfallsanitäter) on-site at the wind farm 24/7 for immediate assistance with medical issues and emergency rescues
  • physician-led telemedicine support ensures a consistently high standard of care
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